Our hotel

We have 21 hotel rooms and no two look the same. We are one of the most beautiful hotels in Switzerland. But what is even more important to us is that we are one of the leading hotels in Switzerland when it comes to sustainability.

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Guests will find an iPad in the rooms, as there is no television. The device also makes it possible to listen to music in the room with the sound system. In addition, guests have unlimited, free Internet access throughout the hotel via WiFi.

Prices are per room and night in CHF, incl. VAT, excl. guest taxes and Cause we Care contribution.

Children up to 6 years stay free of charge when accompanied by their parents and in the same room. Children up to 16 years stay at a reduced rate.

The house is wheelchair accessible and has a room specially equipped for wheelchair users.

Our rooms

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Spend a night enthroned in the tower, watch birds nesting, let your mind wander, play Rapunzel and have dinner brought to your room.

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Park room

Enjoying the cava and last cigarette on the balcony, dozing in the afternoon sun in the bay window, gazing out over the hills while swimming.

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Standard room

After a shower, grab a beer at the bar, watch a film on the hotel's own iPad and take a walk through the park before going to sleep.

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Longstay room

Move into a room with a kitchen and ask yourself whether you should cook for yourself or whether you'd rather be cooked for in a restaurant.

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Small but fine room

A bed; big for you alone, cosy and small for two. 140 cm is just right for many things.