Our most important suppliers

Schützengarten Brewery, St.Gallen
Beer from the city

The oldest brewery in Switzerland, founded in 1779, offers a wide range of high-quality beers. Respectful use of resources, short transport routes and constant dialogue with raw material suppliers are the basis for the careful production of beer.

dreischiibe, St.Gallen and Herisau/AR
Washing service

With its market-oriented services, the organisation enables the professional rehabilitation and integration of people with mental disabilities. The accompanying social services provide individualised support for those affected. Thanks to the high volume of laundry, the industrial laundry can wash efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. The collection and delivery service saves customers kilometres on the road.

Feldhof, Tschudin family, Scherzingen/TG

The family farm has been cultivating the Feldhof since 1981, since 1988 as tenants of a specially founded co-operative that supports organic farming methods. Biodynamic farming sustainably promotes soil fertility and protects nature, while regional production prevents long transport routes. You can meet the Tschudins every Wednesday and Saturday at their market stall in St.Gallen.

Cavino cooperative, Stäfa/ZH

Cavino imports wine from more than 80 wine cellars in the south of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Cavino pays attention to sustainable, organic production and maintains close contact with the producers.

Gion Peder & Corina Vinzens-Loher, Luven/GR

Gion Peder and Corina produce their own wonderful alp cheese on their alp.

Goba AG, Gontenbad/AI
Mineral water

The third-generation family business is located where the spring flows. Accordingly, Goba is deeply rooted in the region. The awareness that the spring is a gift of nature determines the way Goba thinks and acts.

Humbel speciality distillery, Stetten/AG
Organic schnapps

Humbel has been distilling and distilling a large number of classic and innovative fruit distillates from its own and purchased Swiss fruit since 1918.
a large number of classic and innovative fruit distillates. Since 1995, they have been distilling fruit in accordance with the Bio Suisse Bud
and imports and exports a wide range of organic and Fairtrade spirits.

Henauer-Kaffee, Höri ZH

The 4th generation family business roasts the beans from the "La Florida" cooperative in the Peruvian highlands, which ensures fair trade and involves the coffee farmers in production and trade, and ensures high product quality as a certified organic company.

Obstchratte, Flawil/SG
Demeter sweet must
Obstchratte GmbH cultivates fruit trees and produces sweet cider according to Demeter principles.

Spezialitäten-Metzgerei Bechinger, St.Gallen
Meat from the region

Bechinger Spezialitäten Metzgerei AG is a second-generation family business that produces with great passion and high quality standards. No wonder their bratwurst is considered the best stadium sausage in Switzerland. The urban location and regional suppliers avoid unnecessary transport routes. Meat from factory farming is not used.