The military canteen echoes

For us, acting responsibly means that we are committed to sustainable
sustainable development and that we operate in a sustainable manner, whereby
We understand "sustainable development" to mean that we value ecological
ecological aspects in the same way as social and economic
perspectives, and by "sustainable management" we mean that we want to leave
want to leave an intact environment for future generations


Buying organic, being a social employer and offering products at fair prices is an economic challenge that we face every day with the idea of being a sustainable store for everyone. We also have our shareholders to thank for the fact that we have not yet had to abandon our core values. Our attitude is expressed in the following points, among others.

We do without anything unnecessary in the building and are careful with what we need:

  • We avoid paperwork in the rooms - hotel guests are given a tablet.
  • There is no minibar, no coffee machine, no kettle in the hotel rooms - but the bar is open at least from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm.
  • We have carafes for tap water in the rooms instead of bottled mineral water.
  • We recycle leftover hotel soaps through the SapoCycle Foundation.
  • We measure cleaning agents and detergents precisely and in an environmentally friendly way.
  • We use high-quality products and repair them.
  • We avoid single-use plastic and unnecessary packaging.
  • Our waste is turned into recyclable materials: Organic waste, paper, pet, glass, corks, crown caps, hard plastic, film, etc. are separated and fed into the raw material cycle.
  • We give used toner cartridges to the SRC, which recycles them and uses the profits to support Swiss families in need.

We take our social responsibility seriously:

  • We maintain a flat hierarchy, communicate openly and make transparent decisions
  • It goes without saying that we comply with the guidelines of the collective labour agreement in the Swiss hospitality industry.
  • We make no distinction between wages for men and women.
  • We want to employ our staff on a long-term basis and are highly flexible when it comes to personal wishes and private changes.
  • We train apprentices in three professions and offer internships for clarification and integration.
  • We promote labour integration and work together with social institutions such as the IV, REPAS and Rheinspringen.
  • We offer favourable conditions for cultural professionals and institutions as well as non-profit associations and NGOs.
  • We maintain partnerships with social and humanitarian organisations such as Dreischiibe Herisau, Valida St.Gallen and Obvita St.Gallen.

We work fresh and consciously in the kitchen and restaurant:

  • We buy seasonal, regional and organic produce - we don't have tomatoes in winter or spinach in summer.
  • We keep imports to a minimum.
  • We avoid food waste: breakfast to order instead of a buffet
  • If there is still leftover food, we take it to the biogas plant.
  • We select suppliers and products carefully and strive for long-term, reliable partnerships.
  • We produce as much as possible in-house.
  • We do not use convenience products.