Art in the military canteen

In addition to being a restaurant and hotel, the military canteen is also a cultural venue. Cultural events are regularly organised in the building. In addition to these events, the Militärkantine also presents contemporary art in and around the building:

Kunst Mika

Springboard by Anastasia Katsidis
The unexpected construction made of metal and wood in the stairwell amazes visitors every time. The diving board evokes associations with the bathing establishment, relaxation, jumping off and free flight. The work is on loan from a private collection.

Deneb, Altair, Vega by Asi Föcker & Jiajia Zhang
Deneb, Altair, Vega is a discreet art intervention in room 13: two aluminium corners in the parquet floor complement it and close gaps. Although the unexpected material is striking, it is not immediately recognisable as a work of art. Only on closer inspection does the artisanal content become clear. In this way, "Deneb, Altair, Vega" demands attention in an unspectacular way without imposing itself.

Placeholders by Timo Müller
Placeholders are temporary and take up space. With Timo Müller's "placeholders" in the garden, space and time can be experienced: the wooden frames can be walked on and it is even desirable to climb through them. When you walk through it, your perception changes, but when you have walked through it and look back, the object still looks the same, only the background, the view through it has changed - structures remain the same, content changes.

Purit by Thomas Stüssi
The structure of cities and houses is often compared to organisms. Formally, however, it seems that human building activity reflects the inorganic growth of crystal formations. In its interlocking form, the Purit takes up the playfulness of the historicist building of the military canteen and at the same time establishes a connection in material and geometry to the Federal Court building behind it. This draws the viewer's attention to the form and structure of the architecture and perhaps raises awareness of the forms in which we live.

Collage by Martin Leuthold
Even the bar in the military canteen is a work of art. The well-known textile designer Martin Leuthold from St.Gallen designed the front of the bar with his team. The colourful collage with views and themes from the city of St.Gallen creates a pleasant contrast to the historical structure of the restaurant and subtly points to the refreshing, unconventional and lively concept of the establishment.

Check-in by Andrea Vogel
To celebrate its 5th anniversary in summer 2019, the Militärkantine invited the artist Andrea Vogel to the hotel. She spent a week as a guest at the hotel, opening the doors from the cellar to the attic and exploring the rooms, their functions, contents and people. She got involved with the circumstances of the house and reacted to the material and encounters she found. The result is video works and a set of postcards that can be purchased at reception.

View by Andi Gut
Andi Gut exhibited in the Mika staircase gallery from autumn 2022 to spring 2023. What remains is a picture that he painted directly onto the wall especially for the exhibition: A bather in a nudist dress leans against the extended staircase balustrade, facing the Säntis (a wonderful allusion to the artistic work by Anastasia Katsidis on the wall on the top landing opposite). With his body relaxed, he surveys the imagined scenery of his homeland. He draws an arc from the water to the mountain massifs, from the local to the distant. Home and longing touch each other.