Our stance


The Militärkantine is a hospitality centre and a meeting place for people who take sustainability, meaningfulness, culture, respect for nature, honesty, social responsibility and fair social development seriously.

At the Militärkantine, people meet and behave as equals, showing respect for different perspectives and truths, regardless of whether they are guests, suppliers, partners or employees and regardless of their social, cultural or societal status.

Our employees are constructive team players who prioritise personal responsibility, mutual respect, honesty and fairness over professional expertise and power structures.

We demand that our employees adhere to our high ethical values, but in return we offer flexible, fair and meaningful employment conditions that enable our employees to lead a dignified and as independent a life as possible, regardless of their different lifestyles, pasts and labour market skills.

Our guests are free-spirited, culturally and socially interested people who place more value on sustainability, quality of life, pragmatism, social responsibility and a broad intellectual horizon in every respect than on trends, traditions, money, power, speed and perfection.

The military canteen attaches great importance to a healthy, sustainable economy and social justice, not to maximum efficiency and maximum profit.

In the military canteen, comfort is not defined by luxury and high-tech gadgets, but by warmth, closeness to nature, simplicity, authenticity, hospitality and atmospheric, emotional well-being, whether in accommodation or catering.

Our cuisine is absolutely fresh, close to nature, simple, honest, traditional and yet playful and creative. We place more value on local, respectful and natural production, on regional, old varieties and on using resources with as little waste as possible than on the labelling, perfection and flawlessness of our raw and basic products.

Our services and products are simple but creative, highly flexible, individual, pragmatic, solution- and benefit-orientated in every area of activity.

Culture and art are very important to us. The military canteen regularly hosts intelligent, controversial, provocative, unifying, inspiring and thought-provoking cultural events.

The military canteen is an antipode to military culture, is unconventional and provocative in a gentle, intelligent, quiet way and constantly questions classic rules, procedures and traditions without categorically rejecting them or underestimating their values.

Militärkantine wants to be a counter-model to today's material and power-orientated economic and social culture, open to the world, agile and adaptable and is aware that experiments can also fail here and there.

Our relationship to money is ambivalent: we need it to be able to shape our future in an economically, socially and societally sustainable way, but it is not important to us as a value.

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