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the most beautiful hotels in St.Gallen


The city of St. Gallen can now claim to have one of the "most beautiful hotels in Switzerland". The Militärkantine has just been included in the newly revised 4th edition of “Switzerland’s Most Beautiful Hotels” released by the Swiss Heritage Society. This is a long cherished wish of ours and we are especially pleased to note that the restaurant (kitchen) was paid special recognition in the publication: "A restaurant with ambitious, excellent cuisine".
The Swiss Heritage Society describes the Militärkantine as follows: 
"St. Gallen has another gem in its midst: The Urban Heritage Foundation in successful cooperation with a team of dedicated new hoteliers have transformed the former military mess hall (canteen) in Kreuzbleiche Park. The newly renovated building rises above the handsomely situated chestnut trees surrounding the garden restaurant. The bar, with its ornate mural depicting episodes in the history of the building, is a meeting place for hotel guests and locals alike. The spacious and diverse rooms beguile you with high quality, innovative design, fresh wild flowers and vintage furniture. For once hotel operators and the Urban Heritage Foundation pulled in the same direction together.” 

The Swiss Heritage Society’s popular hotel guide has been redesigned from the ground up and has made numerous discoveries including 78 characterful hotels and 13 bed and breakfasts from all over the country. 
Good historical architecture and a harmonious overall concept
What constitutes a "nice" hotel? The Swiss Heritage Society has gone in search of exceptional guest houses, that demonstrate a comprehensive cultural understanding. This not only involves quality architecture and design from all eras, but also the respectful treatment of historical buildings, good integration in the region, a convincing operational concept and warm hospitality. As in previous editions, care has been taken to make sure that not only the public lounges, but also the private rooms are characterized by quality interior design and a stringent overall concept.
Maintaining quality and further development
The Swiss tourism industry and in particular the hospitality industry are required to do their part in preserving the valuable cultural landscapes, townscapes and monuments of Switzerland. The unique scenery, picturesque cities and distinctive local flavor shape the positive image of our diverse country with their strong characteristics, making them the most valuable resource for the tourism business. In order for meaningful and acceptable development to take place in this direction, energetic and intelligent engagement is required at various levels. "Switzerland’s Most Beautiful Hotels" presents guest houses that not only skillfully use the existing potential of an area and but also continue to progress and serve as role models to others in the industry.
Character and authenticity rather than standardized luxury and uniformity
The origins, ages and demands of guests are continuously changing which means the hospitality business is constantly faced with new challenges. At the moment event tourism is fashionable. Boutique and design hotels are also experiencing a big boom. It's no wonder that renovations and changes are not always addressed with the necessary care. The Swiss Heritage Society presents businesses that do not depend on current fashions and trends, but focus on quality, longevity and strong, regional identities.




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