crema italiana
The carefully brewed Italian Coffee and the enticing selection of dessert seduces you to take an unplanned break.


Situated near St. Gallen’s old town the Militärkantine can be easily reached by foot, bus or car and from its 21 rooms offers a unique view of the city, the Kreuzbleiche Park and the surrounding hills.


Standard Room

Park Room

Long Stay Room



All the standard rooms have been freed from all unnecessary clutter but still you will not miss a thing.


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Reign for a night in the tower; enjoy your last cigarette of the day on the balcony.


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For a longer sojourn in St. Gallen the Militärkantine offers two Long Stay Rooms both of which include a lounge and a small kitchen.


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starts at CHF 154.00
starts at CHF 207.50
starts at CHF 92.50


Each room is uniquely equipped with exquisite design furniture from Scandanavia and although every room is individually decorated, the common thread is easily visible.


Every hotel guest receives an Ipad when they check in. The important information about the hotel, the city and the surrounding area can be found on it. You can also listen to music on the connected stereo system. Free wifi is available for all guests.




standard room

two people
one person

"cuddly in the little"

Fr. 238.00
Fr. 169.00

Fr. 152.50

park room

two people
one person

Fr. 305.00
Fr. 222.50

long stay room
0-6 Tage

two people
one person

Fr. 238.00
Fr. 169.00

7-30 days

two people
one person

Fr. 195.00
Fr. 127.50

from 30 days

two people
one person

Fr. 165.-
Fr. 107.50


parking space

dog or cat

extra mattress

Fr. 15.- per day
Fr. 15.- per day

Fr. 70.00

Prices include breakfeast and taxes. Children under 7 stay for free.

Children under 17 have a price reduction. Rooms without breakfast cost 15 francs less per person.





Kreuzbleicheweg 2
9000 St.Gallen, Schweiz
Tel. +41 71 279 10 00